Andhra Pradesh is going to have three capitals from now on. The current government has made a recent decision. I am going to tell you about the disadvantages of having three states in Andhra Pradesh. The original capital is what a government is that governs a country or a state from wherever it is. That place is called the capital. Simply put, all the buildings related to the government are there. If there is, it is called the capital which means that in the capital there are Assembly Secretary, Raj Bhavan High Court Political Leaders, Houses, Government Officers etc. But if the capital of a state decides only the Chief Minister of that state has the power the central government has no authority to interfere. The state of Andhra Pradesh was newly formed Hyderabad which was the capital till then was merged with Telangana state. If not then the state of Andhra Pradesh can be governed by using the government buildings in Hyderabad until 2024. In the meantime the government of Andhra Pradesh should select a good place and complete it. The then ruling Congress government at the center made a rule according to the rule of the Telugu Desam Party that came to power in 2014. Vijayawada declared 29 villages in the middle of Guntur as the capital place the name of the nearby town Amaravati was declared as the capital but there was not much resistance from the people of other areas for proposing Amaravati as the capital.

This is a very good thing because when some new states were formed in our country the capitals were not set so easily in those states. Take Uttarakhand for example. Since last 19 years till now the state has no permanent capital. If we protest for many years Uttarakhand was separated from Uttar Pradesh in 2000. Uttar Pradesh is like Hyderabad left for Telangana. After Lucknow left uttarakhand was left without a capital. Gairasain in Uttarakhand was close to all areas so they wanted to make it the capital. Dehradun which was the last reason for the state, was already a well-developed city. Fearing that the Congress party will lose the crores declared as the capital since then no place in the state has been declared as the capital Definate which is already in the developed city is being run as a temporary capital. So even now Uttarakhand does not have a permanent capital. In the case of Amaravati everything is fine because there are no such problems the capital construction work has been started and the high court has completed it. Mean while in 2019 the government changed YSRCP party came to power what this party announced is that there is not one capital in Andhra Pradesh First one Kurnool means judicial capital that is high court means there will be lawyers and their rooms like those related to the high court Second one capital means law making capital where laws are made in the assembly so in Amaravati There is Assembly Registrative Council which means every year Assembly Sessions are held in Amaravati Third one Visakhapatnam Administrative Capital which means administrative capital.

Which means there is Secretary which means CM MLA should stay here and work People should come to Visakhapatnam to meet CM or Ministers What are the benefits of having three capitals Number One Capital It will cost a lot to develop from scratch that is new roads railway electricity infostructure should be provided it needs a lot of money and already in Kurnool and Vizag cities which have similar infection the construction will be done at low cost Another thing is that even for these three years there will be good attention from the government There are small development works but number 3 the feeling that the capital has been given will go to the people, so the people of that area will vote for the present government. What number of political leaders, government officers, security officers will have to travel around for that the traveling will be very high and crores of rupees will be spent. Expenses are very high Political leaders need houses in two places. It also costs a lot. All the burden falls on the government budget. That means that money has to be paid indirectly in the form of taxes. Government officers have jobs for some people. District people have to go to Kurnool for the High Court so the capitals are far away from different places so the people are inconvenient. When will Amaravati regions come? The previous government has many central government educational institutions, international hospitals, IT parts, residential buildings, industrial parks, outer ring road, inner ring road.

How did they cut the land after giving approval to them then if they are not shown the allowance and the constructions to be shown to them then there will be many kinds of problems in Amaravati. But all the already projects have been stopped and even the under-construction project has been stopped and called for a return. The leaders of the Telugu Desam Partybwho is currently in power, the YSRCP government knew before that why they are changing the capital. Therefore, the TDP leaders had bought the land from the farmers at low rates. The TDP leaders are saying that they are moving the capital to prevent corruption. YSRCP says that the TDP leaders have already bought land nearby. It is not fair to move the capital by doing injustice to the other 11 thousand farmers. It costs as much to build in Amaravati as it costs to build in Amaravati the area announced as the capital in history says that they have never been submerged by floods. Who knows here that the reports are correct but other places have been built next to a river and USA Washington is also next to a river and London is also on the sea these days. They are building something like that there is technology for construction next to the river I do not even know if they can actually construct buildings in Amaravati or not is there a technical department I have already told you that centralization means decentralization of governance. If you think that companies will come only if there is capital then it is a wrong perception.

What capital is there in Penukonda According to the interest shown by the state government in the facilities provided by state government the state government will see the infrastructure and Jio job figure back. It is just a myth to think that companies will come only if there is a capital. If there is capital development will happen. Roads Railways Airport will be built in places where there is capital but there are already Roads Railway Airports in Kurnool and Vizag. It is said that they are changing the capital of Amaravati as the administrative capital. There is a big reason for putting three capitals in this country.

At one time South Africa was divided into four parts by the British and after some movements the people of those four parts got independence from the British. However after the formation of South Africa the sentiments of the people of the four regions should not be hurt the capitals were given to the three regions. This is the reason that South Africa has three capitals. Moreover if there are three states the development will not be good but the government officer said that due to being in three states the government is incurring a lot of expenses. South Africa has taken a decision to put all the government buildings in one place as the people are also doing it. Planet capitals like Amaravati have been constructed anywhere in our country so far. Chandigarh is the common capital of Punjab and Haryana. When India was separated from Pakistan, the profit of a big city went to Pakistan. Then Jawaharlal Nehru Punjab. They wanted a good capital for the state and they wanted to develop it from scratch and for that they called an architect and designed the city.

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