After adding the png image you can choose the option croma key because you need to add the same image in background and by using the Croma key option it will be possible to add the image in background and you need to adjust the size of the image and you can decrease the opacity of the project. In this way you can add background PNG as you want to the image and continue your editing process in any way you want and by adjusting the contrast and brightness yourself. And the process will meet the requirement and the image quality will also increase.  After this type of editing process you look at the image in detail and you will find the images very attractive and shiny to the background image. 

Then under the options you will have an option called Remove BG which means remove background so whatever photo you are editing the background will be completely removed to your editing project. And decrease the opacity upto 22 seconds and increase the size of 74% and keep the purpose it up to 100% and choose the option hardness and decrease it up to 1%  and choose the option flip photo and you need to adjust the layers with your fingertips and keep the markings to the editing project. In this way you can edit your photo and it is very useful for those who want to do birthday video photo editing and also for those who want to do banner editing through our editing process it is very simple if you do this editing process you can create your own background images or png images used in this.  Also I will provide in the description so you can download them and edit your project as you like by doing this editing process is very useful whenever you need and using this PicsArt application we can create different types of animations and photos of photo adjustments.  This application is very useful for just editing photos and giving the desired color and point to the text and I sincerely hope that you too can do your own photo editing using this application in the way I have mentioned. Thank you for your valuable support and wish to continue with me from beginning thankyou.

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