November 29, 2023

👌New Instag Trending Efx Lyrical Video Editing in Alight motion 5oct2

I’ll be explained in this design about the stylish C C effect with the color grading vibrati looking with the full video editing tutorial can be defined by using alight motion operation.

After that simply open a Alight motion application click on the else icon and select the visable rate as 45 and click on produce design to continue the further editings. And we will give you a preset and XML links in this description please download it from using any cybersurfer. In this design I can detail explain the process so guys please follow the instructions in a step by step in detail manner so you can understand how to edit this design in a perfect rate.

After that click on the image and videotape and elect the option video and click on the else god to add the video into this design. After that we need to add a blockish shape to design the process and we want to add HDR editing effect combination.

After that click on move and transfigure and to help the screen is in the shape without this design we can not be under taken with your fingertips. And now again Click on blockish shape and click on add goods and elect the effect copied background with standard settings.

After that click on gaussian blur option with standard settings and keep it as 430. After that we want to add another effect exposure and Gamma with standard settings and keep the exposure as-47 after that click on cube and zoom the effective image with the help of move and transfigure.

After that you can click on blockish box and elect the option blending and nebulosity and elect the option difference and elect third option substrate. Now observe the video it’ll be converted into HDR. After that there you can observe colour shadowing after that again we need to add another blockish shape and keep the colour as white. After that Click on blending and nebulosity and elect discrepancy and elect the option overlay.

To edit this third process click on cube and zoom them with using dereliction operation. After that again click on goods and elect the option add effect and elect stretch member with standard settings and stretch the image with the ensuing process. Now click on add effects and select the option directional Blur and increase to fill. After. that add the angle 33 °. And come back to starting and click on add effects offset with standard settings and now click on bur effect and select gaussian blur with standard settings now increase upto after that again and an cube and click on move and transfigure and full- screen the box.

After that click on graduant overlay with standard settings and select the colour as white and add a black in below and now select the option lenear and select select with multiple. And now the process of editing will be completed. Click on import icon to export the video with high quality. It may take some time to reuse and automatically added to your gallery.

Hope you guys will understand how to edit for this design. You can also try this design with your own custamization. Guys please support us by visiting our website your support will helps and give stimulant and to produce further tutorials by using editing operations thankyou for your each and every support.

All Materials Links :-

►Kinemaster Preset Link 👇

►Beat Mark project preset :

►Beat Mark Xml file Link :-

►Shake effect Preset LINK 👇

►Shake effect XML LINK 👇

► Video All photo LINK 👇




► Song Download Link 🔗

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