November 29, 2023

Instag Trending Megham karigenu BGM Video Editing in Alight motion Trending 7oct1

I explain the new project for editing the best trending lyrical video editing with neon effects and some other phones can be added in this project by using an editing application.

Now open Alight motion application and click on plus icon and select the ratio which you want to be edited as a full screen or in a normal screen you need to decide the following instruction and there you can observe several ratios and select one of them to continue. After that we need to add them audio for this project you need to download the audio and select the same audio by clicking this audio option and view all and select the song which you want to downloaded in this project to edit select them by clicking plus icon to add for the processing.

After that we need to add the images for this project for that I will give you a image link in description and it will be pre edited as a high quality sequential image and added to this project by clicking plus icon after adding the image you need to drag the image up to 30 seconds and tap the image and increase the size of the image as a full screen by clicking the dots and select the option composition area of to keep the screen in full.

After that select the song layer and drag it up to 30 seconds for this project because that project will be completed in 30 seconds. After that we need to add the lyrics for this project and lyrics will be download into notepad previous before editing this project now it is the simple way go back to notepad and copy the following lyrics and select it and come back to this project and click on edit text to paste the copied lyrics into this layer according to the song We need to add the lyrics of this project.

After adding all the lyrics we need to add font for this project I will give you awesome font in description so guys I recommended you to download it and add it into roboto regular I’m select the font and make the colour as gradient. After that we need to add the effects for this project for that click on add effects and select the effectsmooth level and select radius= 98.00 and select defuse angle= 683, specular angle= 143.

And add second effect text spacing with standard settings and select letter spacing and keep it as 7%, and select line spacing=87%, now the process is completed. Now play the song and see the effects which is added in this project will be furnished or not because it is a process of editing in a sequential order is there any mistakes in error you need to retrieve that and continue the process.

Now click on export icon to export the video with high quality hope you guys will understand this project and please be support as by visiting our website thank you for your support for each and everyone who will be supported me in beginning onwards.

All Materials Links :-

►Kinemaster Preset Link 👇

►Beat Mark project preset :

►Beat Mark Xml file Link :-

►Shake effect Preset LINK 👇

►Shake effect XML LINK 👇

► Song Download Link 🔗

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