November 29, 2023

👌Trending Kushi BGM Video Editing in Alight Motion Attitude status Video Editing 5jan

In this video we can learn about the music beat shake effect by using kinemaster. And the application link in description please download it from description. And all meterial links can be given in description please download it. Open kinemaster application and click on settings and scroll down and ther you can observe the option advance and experimental settings and select 60 fps on.

After that come back to starting and select the aspect ratio as 9:16 and click on next option. And click on left settings symbol and select the option editing and keep the editing as fill screen enable. After that we want to add the 18 images to edit this project. Click on images and select the 18 images from your gallary. And you can observe the all images in fill screen. After that click on layer symbol and click on media and I will give you a video is I’m single which is given in description and add the audio to the kinemaster.

After that click on extract audio and the audio will be extracted in a simple way. And we can add a point on 0.578, and trim the extra unnecessary part. And add a another point on 1.240 and trim the extra unnecessary part. And add another point in 2.072, and add a point on 2.863, and the same process to add the points and trim the unnecessary extra part by clicking sensor symbol.

►Kinemaster Preset Link 👇

►Beat Mark project preset :

►Shake effect Preset LINK 👇

After the completion of the images adding totorial. We can add the effects to the said project. After that click on first image and click on add graphics and select call be Dj. And the link is in description please download it from there. After that click on second to sixth photos we can add the same and simple effect to all the remaining photos. And select the colour as pink. After that click on asset store after that click on animation can be added to the project. And the animation of two and three images.

After that select the option over all on 1.1 and select to 6th photo can be added animation on to process. And i will give you another effect for the project and keep the effect as call me dj 2 after that click on 7th lyrics shake effect. After that I will give you flicker video in description please download the process to add the exact video to the project.

To edit this awesome trending lyrics project with some animation effect by using alight motion application. Open alight motion application and click on plus icon and select the ratio 4:5 and click on create project. And click on plus icon select the option image and audio and select the image and the link is given in description please download it and add the image to this project by clicking plus icon.that we need to add the audio and select the song and click on plus icon to add the song to the beat mark project.

After that we need to drag the image upto the song. And click on image and select the option move and transform and adjust the image into middle. After that click on three dots and select the option fill composition area and zoom the photos. After that we can add the song lyrics before that add the song lyrics into the notepad previously. After that go to notepad and cop the lyrics from notepad and come back to beatmark project and paste the lyrics by clicking text option and select the option add text and now paste the lyrics to the said project.

After that move and transform and adjust the lyrics into middle and zoom the lyrics. After that click on first layer and drag the first layer upto the ending of this song. And now play the song and where the lyrics will comming to the project and paste the lyrics. And again play the song where the lyrics is coming there you can split the layer and click on edit text to paste the copied layer and the same process will be continued till the end of lyrics will be add to this project.

And keep the alignment as middle after that we can add the font for the said project. To add the font click on roboto regular and select the font which is given in description please download it from description and import to the said project. After that select the downloaded font and keep the colour as white. And we can add the another font for the second lyrics which is in the project. And download the font in description and add the font for the said project. And paste font for second lyrics.

►Beat Mark Xml file Link :-

►Shake effect XML LINK 👇

► Song Download Link 🔗

After that click on export button and export the video. Now the process of editing will be completed. hope you guys will try this project with your one pics and some animated effects to the project. It will takes us under this project. Please be supportive. editing process will be completed please support us by visiting our website Thankyou.

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