November 29, 2023

Magma HDI OneHealth Extra Cover & Magma HDI 7mar

Now, to make you aware about health insurance, I am giving you some information every day through the article, so today I am telling you about the insurance fan that will be useful for you. Also, don’t underestimate that this is just a private insurance plan because you also get many benefits through this insurance. I am going to explain fully so watch till the end and get complete understanding.

Magma HDI OneHealth Extra Cover is a super top up insurance plan which means they give a top up to the plan of your choice every year and if you opt for it you get a good benefit, it provides financial support to the insured after the end of the base policy in a way that is useful for every common man. provides Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. There are plans in insurance up to 1 crore, so the sum insured is Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. This plan is sure to get you discounts of up to 20 lakhs.Let’s know about the benefits and key features that this plan offers us. Even if you join the hospital for everyone who has taken insurance, the hospital expenses are definitely covered Domiciliary hospitalization and AYUSH treatments are fully covered by this single insurance.

Not only that, there are many other benefits like psychological treatment cover and HIV AIDS cover are also available to every single customer in this insurance. Also 100% recharge of sum insured is available in a single year for every policy holder so you must get guaranteed cumulative bonus and add on covers through PED waiting period discount available by this insurance company. Similarly, you can choose to include personal accident cover and global hospitalization cover and also cover expenses that you cannot pay as an add-on in this insurance to give you complete security and protection and the rent of the apartment you are renting will be paid by the insurance company.

They mentioned that we have no maximum entry age in the plan which has nothing to do with your age.Now let us look at the second insurance plan. Because this insurance plan is designed to cover only accidents and let’s know the complete details of this plan. The Magma HDI Personal Accident Insurance Plan provides you with comprehensive coverage to protect yourself against road accidents and medical emergencies through insurance.This plan is Rs. 1 lakh to Rs.Available for sum assured up to 5 crores so if you want to take this insurance you will get it in three variants namely Basic, Wider and Comprehensive.

Now let’s know about such benefits that we get in this plan because in case of accident we need to know about the benefits.Accidental death and permanent total or partial disability coverage is also available to every single customer through complete insurance. Also, the ambulance charges, transport costs and the cost of the damaged clothes are fully covered by this insurance for everyone covered by the insurance.Education fund is also available. So you will be well served by the insurance as well as this plan will get you with worldwide accidental coverage. Extension for medical expenses or if the doctor suggests that you still need to stay in the hospital under the hospital policy then there are add on covers available to you as per the hospital policy.

The benefits of taking accident coverage is that everyone takes care of their health and that care gives us the energy we need to protect ourselves as well as support our family. Keep this in mind and definitely invest. So I think you are fully aware of the insurance of this and you will come again with other insurance plants please give me your support your valuable support to me The next article is very important and it will work a lot. See you again tomorrow with another article. Thank you.

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