Hi friends I am going to tell you how to make a good birthday wishes editing video through this article so you should understand the method I have done and you should also follow the same editing process carefully. Many people think that invitation video editing should be done for the first party so I am giving all the links of the materials needed for such editing in the description. So I am telling you with the intention that you will understand each and every thing. To edit this project you need to ready with birthday person images and by using kinemaster application you can complete this editing project.

And you can also use pixellab for text creation by using these two applications you can download the complete editing process of this birthday invitation editing. Now you can open the pixellab editing application and choose the ratio and add the text in that text layer and now you can write birthday person name and add the gradient colour to the text. After that you need to choose the font and choose the selective font to add to this project after that you need to choose the colour blue. After that add the another gradient colour as pink and make the two layers in same combination. After that you need to add the stroke effect to the project and enable the option and choose fourth option and choose transperent. And now you can save the image in ultra HD quality and it will save into your gallery.

After the process you need to open the kinemaster editing application to edit the further editing process. After that choose the ratio as 16:9 and keep the background colour black and click on create project to process the complete editing. And now we need to add the file into this project and I will provide the same in description so download through link and save the file and choose the same into this project. After that process you need to see the animated preview by using this project you can change the complete process you can also recreate the process.

After that you can add the birthday baby images you can add the multiple images and choose the image which you prefer and make the process. And you added every image can be in PNG format because you can remove the complete background of the image for that choose the application to process and photoroom and you can import the same images into that application and after processing the editing the images will be converted into PNG images. In this way you can change each image in PNG format. After converting try to add those images in the particle video like I have given. And after adding each image.

And adjust it in such a way that it is correct and then you can see the background wife once you will have multi colors in the background. The background like with is definitely visible and when you play the video you have to change the text that is already there so you have already edited the pixellab applications and add the image to this project after adding it you try to adjust it once specially after adjusting the image once again you can play it then you will get the video as a birthday editing and then you have to mention the time and date related to the birthday invitation during which the birthday will take place and if any function is held in the hall then you have to mention the name of the function hall as well as by providing the address. It is like being invited to an invitation. In this way if you want to say the basic needs and something if you say it in the form of text and everyone will understand it so you should definitely give the font you want for the text.

If any text is given a stylish font and given the color of the gradient the text will be made into a beautiful look and many will be attracted. Everyone likes to learn this kind of video editing. After you add the text and you have to give animation to whatever text you have added. So you select the option called Fade and similarly there is another option called out animation. After you select it and you will see the animation called fade again in the options. You enable it and then you also enable the shadow by doing so the process looks natural as you edit. Previously whatever image we see we need to edit and add image in that image place for that we have to replace so whatever png image you have edited in pixellab reply that image in this image place by doing that you will complete the editing process well. Then you can use the rewind option to set the animations forward so that the video you edited will go back and forward and look very attractive.

After that you type many more happy returns of the day in the text form and give font and color to that text after this done you have to download the images related to decoration in png form so if there are any balloons and decoration videos you can download them in advance. Put it because it’s on occasion you can add balloons near the photo of the birthday baby to make it attractive. This way you can do birthday video editing and you will see rainbow colors in the background which is added to you by the particle video I gave you it is useful to this project. In this way we can create our own birthday wishes video so this invitation video we can edit ourselves and use the background we like as we like and we can edit the editing process through kinemaster using different options and you should learn all about such useful editing projects. If you want please support my website and I have also told about many other good editing projects on my website if you can make invitation videos like this if you edit like this project. Hope you guys will support our website we are ready to create more editing projects in future in a better quality thankyou.

►Kinemaster Preset Link 👇
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►Beat Mark project preset :

►Beat Mark Xml file Link :-

► Song Download Link 🔗

►Shake effect Preset LINK 👇

►Shake effect XML LINK 👇

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