November 29, 2023


Hi everyone today I am going to tell about a new scheme so please read this article till the end so that you will understand about the complete details of the scheme. Now I am going to tell you about the scheme that I am going to tell you about a policy in LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India).

Do you want to get money every month from this scheme but by participating in this scheme offered by LIC varu you can get money every month so let’s know about the complete details of this scheme. If you want to get money every month then this policy is available in LIC so I will collect full details about it and tell you. No matter what kind of insurance you choose, LIC stands by you in difficult times as well as at the end of your life. So by investing money in this scheme, you will definitely get it every month, it is not given only for a few years, but the life insurance company will continue to give you this amount even for your lifetime.

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It can be said that this is a best plan as you will pay a certain amount of money per month for the lifetime of your investment, because it will be very necessary for you in the difficult times of old age, so if you choose such a plan, LIC will provide you without any problem. The name of this plan is LIC Pension Plan so the main purpose of this plan is to provide you fixed income even after retirement and this plan is designed by LIC. But you have many options so pension plans are many here so I am going to select the best among them and tell you about LIC plan. The name of this plan is Saral Pension Plan.

Now I am going to tell you how you can get money if you take this plan say 12000 per month. If you are 42 years old to participate in this scheme, if you invest 30 lakhs and buy LIC NUT plan, you will get more than 12 thousand per month, so if you choose this plan, 12 thousand per month means it can be said that it will be very useful in these difficult times. Also we are telling you about the specifics in this policy itself so please read till the end of this article so that you will have complete understanding about this plan. In this policy offered by Life Insurance Corporation of India you have to invest money at once because by paying this amount you will get pension every month. Also this scheme is given for as long as you live. If the policyholder dies after paying the scheme, the pension will be given to his family.

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Also, if you choose this plan and those who reach the age of 40 years to 80 years are also eligible to apply for this policy, if you have money and want to invest it, it is better to put it in this scheme. You can also add your name or your partner’s name and apply before choosing this plan. Also, LIC says that this plan will get a minimum pension of 12 thousand per person.

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You have to invest that much, no matter how much you invest, it’s up to you. By depositing more amount, more profits will come. Similarly, the life insurance company will also provide you with a loan facility on this plan. Also, if you want to buy oil, you can get a loan after six months of choosing this plan.

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