November 29, 2023

Big differences between India and USA in detail and complete information

First I will tell you in what respect America is better compared to India. Number one employment. If America has a population of 30 crores, there are 56 lakh companies. Similarly if India has a population of 138 crores there are only 20 lakh companies. In America there are fewer people and more companies that is why there are more employment offers every year from other countries. Many people go to USA for employment. In our country companies are less and people are more. That is why unemployment is high. The main reason for not having more companies in India is that if someone has more money here they look to invest that money on land. That money is used to do any business. Another reason is that if he does one job in India he has to support two or three people at home with the salary he gets. Because of this the salary he gets is not enough for the total expenses. Therefore, his business dream remains a bit of a dream. If you want to take a loan, they do not give loans so easily in India. If you look at the number to display on our roads no one follows the rules. They change the lens according to who they want. Wherever they go they throw gutka at me and throw garbage. That is why the rules are followed either on the roads where the traffic signals are not close the literacy rate in India is low so the people who study here have less discipline. In America the rule is the rule even if the smallest rule is not followed there will be heavy fines

In America most of the policemen help us, they speak very politely and respectfully, but in India the policemen speak very rudely and arrogantly. When we see a policeman in India we should feel safe but when we see the policeman in India we are afraid. People feel that they are the ones who got the job because educated people do not talk like that. Police helps the people well but in India the police help the politicians not the people. In USA, in what range police help us we get the work done very quickly there the government office is like a private company but a private company helps us fast, same way the government office also helps us there is no need to bribe but in India. Do you know how existing government officers behave They feel like they are working for free and there is no need to talk about bribes. The speed of work you do in a government office depends on the rules you follow, but in India the speed of work you do depends on the bribe you give. If we ask for unknown information they yell at us as if we are asked to write down that we are their property. But if you walk into a government office in the USA, as much respect as you give them they will talk to you with the same respect. Even if you don’t know a little thing they will patiently explain it to you, those who have money and those who do not are treated the same in the government office. You can go from one place to another place very quickly but all the water pipes are very systematic. If you look at our India, there are only Mumbai, Gandhi Nagar cities in these 33 some are still under construction none of the other places are built according to planning

Wherever they like, they construct as they like. Roads are all crooked and narrow. After that they construct the infrastructure and then they construct the cities. After all the government will come and provide basic facilities. Infrastructure means facilities like drainage, electricity, water roads, etc. There is no government control over land price the government controls the land process in the city. They believe in the slogan that it has become a country. In India the national highways are getting a little better now but the village roads are still the same. The municipal roads in India are not there for at least a year. They get damaged every time it rains. In the USA there are quality roads and there are no. 4 education in India. How is the answer in the question bank If it is given otherwise the marks will be cut if it is taken the bigger the solution the higher the marks will be if you use your brain a little more to reduce it the marks you will get will be combined. But in USA it is not like that if the teachers understand how well you understand the topic then you will get your marks Academics in India is equal to education In USA academics plus extra curricular activities plus sports education political clubs science clubs animation clubs entertainment clubs culture clubs we have many It is said that you can join as you like and participate in the events held there but in reality if there are six hours of academic classes in a day there are only one hour of extra circular activities.

Where there is time for mixing extra curricular activities are also available. In India intermediate practical exams are like going to vote for fun. In India academics are not so much oriented. In America academics are both theory and practical oriented. The delivery people also come and deliver in the car. The people who clean the bathrooms also come and go to work there. They pay at least 8 dollars an hour there is a good place to live there. There is no air pollution. It is one thing. Those who come more are different. There is a lot of difference in the standard of living. Let’s see which things are better. Number one cost of living is the main difference between India and America. If we compare it with America in terms of cost of living India is better. You can survive with 5000 rupees but in America it is very difficult to live without minimum 25 thousand rupees per month. Everyone has to take health insurance there. Insurance is very costly If you go to hospital without insurance you have to sell your assets to pay the bills Cost is very high Doctor appointment is also very difficult to get and you have to wait a lot of time Health insurance in India is not expensive We like it within half an hour Treatment cost in India is also very low through caesarean section If I want to deliver a baby in USA it will cost 7 lakh to 50 lakh same in India it will cost only 15 thousand to 1 lakh rupees in private hospital 70 thousand rupees it will cost only 6000 to 10000 rupees in India but that wardless treatment is less so every year two lakh The number of people coming to India for treatment is increasing every year

In USA phone bill starting plan is 2500 rupees per month same in India starting plan is just 129 but in India cost is only 200 rupees cost is 900 rupees same in India only 20 rupees is very difficult if you have to pay very high salary that’s why they do all the small work by themselves same in India It is very easy to find workers, there is number to culture, those who live with them in India they have good relations with them next to the house, there are greetings there are only 4 or 5 festivals in USA, there are many festivals in India, and as far as food is concerned maximum bread content is high in USA where the most eaten thing is burger sandwich. Bijas are available we eat mostly chapatis with rice similarly Indian spices are healthy food so proteins are high, nutrition is also high so everyone is healthy. In USA maximum everyone eats non-veg every day. Time zone is different in each place same time zone in India means same time in any place in India Number to USA Weight is in pounds in India Cages in India Speed ​​is in mails per hour in USA It will be in kilometers per hour in India No. 3 Car prices are very low in USA you can buy a good car with just six months of income but in India you can not buy a good car even if you have two years of income they are in good condition that is why there are mostly used cars. The head government is called Loksabha which means house of them are representatives. Here Rajya Sabha means senate house. Number 5 In India, what is the daily amount paid to those who worked but in USA they pay only hourly.

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