Switzerland Today I am going to explain to you about this country. This country is located in Western Europe. This country is mostly mountainous. It is the capital of this country and the largest city in this country. Also, Switzerland is very famous as a country with four national languages. Here the official languages ​​are German, French, Italian and Romansh. The government is Direct Democracy Federal Parliamentary Republic The total population of this country is around 85 lakhs The total land area of ​​this country is 41,280 square kilometers It is a united republic with 26 states which are considered as continents Switzerland is the 1st highest living country in the world This Switzerland is in the second place in the countries with standards. There are countries like Italy in the south of West France and asylum in the east. The people of Switzerland eat more chocolates than all the countries in the world. The people of Switzerland are the first in this country to develop the two methods of conching and tempering in those days. Milk chocolate was first made with dark chocolate.Peter and Hundred Nestlé were the first to make milk chocolate together in this sweets in 1875.Both of them are also chocolate companies and enjoy their professional life very much because they spend about 12 weeks in school every year in Switzerland. There are holidays and they earn salary up to 45 lakhs per year and along with them there are more robbers and robbers. To protect from them the employees working in this bank use bullet proof glasses as production to protect them from those robbers.

Almost half of them have guns with them. In that country, most people carry guns with them even in shopping malls when they go out. In Switzerland, the government bus drivers fine anyone if they do not follow the traffic rules. Since 1915 the military of this Switzerland has not done anything to invade or revolt against other countries, and it is very close to the countries around Switzerland. Most of the snow has increased so they get up in the morning and take food in front of their house. Also every morning at 8 o clock some vehicles from the government are seen cleaning the road. One is the Vatican City and two is the flag of this Switzerland City. The flag of the country of Switzerland is not a square like our flag but a square with equal dimensions on all sides. Do you see here this ring is made of the most expensive diamonds in the whole world. It is the most expensive in the country as well as the rings in the world. As the most expensive ring it was sold for 68 million dollars, which means approximately 435 crore rupees. This Swiss Jesus established the Committee of the Red Cross in those days and served many people in the world through it that why the Nobel Peace Prize was announced for him for the first time.
As everyone has seen on this there are many models. It was made for the first time in the world and it underwent many changes and finally it has load meter altimeter as well as USB pots and various models are available. In 1905 Albert Einstein informed the world about this formula and it is also a very famous equation in the world.

Acid was made by Einstein in 1905 when he was in Switzerland and Charlie Chaplin who is very famous in the world of comedy spent the last 20 years of his life in this Switzerland. He invented it in the country itself in 1989. In our country, the film industry means Bollywood, Tollywood, Tollywood, etc. If these films are shot abroad they all do more shootings than all other countries. Even now they are shooting movies in Switzerland, so in this country they are shooting more movies related to India than intellectual countries. The first such waterproof watch was made by Rolex Complete of this country in 1927 and sold in the world. Also in 1938 the first airplane powered by solar energy from the sun was made in this Switzerland without any fuel or battery. It is also made in this Switzerland. It is called Solar Importu. completed in a single trip thus traveling over many oceans for five days without stopping anywhere this solar impulse powered by the light of the sun became very famous in the world a very small but very famous country in the world today it shines in light in no way but to protect its people whenever wars occur Important roads in the country, airports, etc. Switzerland has the most advanced technology to do the job no matter how famous this country is air and water pollution is also high and biodiversity is also very backward. In addition to that acid rains and acid dreams are also created under some environmental issues in this country.

In Switzerland, most of the earth is covered with mountains and hills, that’s why they built more underground than above ground and built an underground transport railway. Thus there is the largest train in this country called Gadarail from this station. The underground railway system including Germany and Austria is located in Switzerland. The entire train system in this country is said to be three thousand and one hundred miles long. In this country, football and ice hockey are many famous sports. This circus is the biggest circus in the country. Also this circus is very successful since 1803 till date surprisingly it is run in many parts of the country that is why there is snow boarding after that, mountaineerings the sports of this country are very famous very expensive in the world very famous but all the brands of watches are also made. This college of Switzerland has made sweets watch which is very famous in the world, among them Dissort Tank Hear Rolex Packet Philippi and also the good international brands called Long Inus the world’s largest particle physical laboratory has been built in the interior of the earth and many researches have been done on it and the largest bunkers have been built inside the land. The comfortable capacity of this bunker is such that all the people in that country can hide in these bunkers when a nuclear attack takes place. The bunkers that provided them with all the facilities were built in this Switzerland. You see here this chair is very big but this chair has three legs and one leg is broken and why is it so big here.

It was built to show that they were against the method of killing people by putting them inside the ground. In that way many people harmful in this country by stepping on the land so many people lost their lives that is why they should not do such things. Make this big broken as a symbol of that. It was built in Geneva, Switzerland. These days in any office even on the internet someone professionally gives them a presentation about the company about the products. If they want to give they give a Power Point presentation made by Microsoft but this software called Power Point made by Microsoft is economically very hornful so some people in Switzerland have established a party called The Anti Power Point Party in Switzerland without using this kind of software in that country. Professionals are using it in their office. In order to reduce the use of Power Point in the office two organizations have established a Power Point party like this to work anti-Power Point. Most of the total population in Switzerland are foreigners who have come here and settled in this country women and men are more. They do not get married until they reach the age. Men do not get married until they reach the age of 32 while women don’t get married even after they reach the age of 30. Even if the people who were there by mistake get married after reaching that age 43% of the population in that country gets divorced after getting married. This is Switzerland. Banking insurance, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology micro technology, etc have some of the most highly skilled people working in Switzerland. This is more than the number of dental hospitals in Switzerland because there are more banks in Switzerland.

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