November 29, 2023

What is G20 what is the use behind the sucess of G 20 complete information

An inspiration to the common people He is a definition for the policy of administration He is an innovation for new political policies His dedication to work A sensation in the field of politics Always observing the past and anticipating the future He is born in a very simple farmer family and grew up to become a world class leader in contemporary politics How many upheavals in his long political reign No matter what he faced he never turned his back never looked back never backed down. A person who is turning the wheel of politics since he got the opportunity to become the head of the state at a young age he did not waste a single moment. With the spirit of NTR who said that society is a temple he freely moved towards the construction of Swarna Andhra Pradesh. He said that governance should be with the people he introduced the Janmabhoomi program to pay off the debt of the mother who gave birth to the land and even the exiles were moved and provided a great opportunity to pay off the debt of the mother realizing the importance of information technology earlier than anyone else he gave special priority to IT in the state and created a future for millions of youth. Dokhar felt that women health and empowerment was the only way to solve problems and I am going to let you know
Nara Chandrababu Naidu who played a prominent role not only in the politics of Andhra Pradesh state

But also in the politics of India was born in the village of Naravaripalle in Tirupati district of Andhra Pradesh on April 20 in 1959 in a common middle class farmer family. There was no such thing so he walked five kilometers daily to go to a nearby school and studied up to 5th standard then from 6th to 9th standard he studied in the Zilla Parishad School in Chandragiri while studying here Chandrababu garu used to gather all the children as a leader and solve the small problems in the school. He completed his 10th class in Tirupati but even while studying 10th class he was a school people leader so you can understand what leadership qualities were there from childhood. After that Chandrababu joined the intermediate and accidentally failed so at that time he also did jaggery business for two or three months with his friends and then passed the inter supplementary exams he wanted to do his PhD in 1974 with the suggestion of Professor Dr. Narayana Murthy but he could not complete his PhD and when it comes to the service activities done by Chandrababu Naidu in politics, during the time Chandrababu was studying for his degree, he used to visit the surrounding villages with his free students and observe the way of life of the people living in the village. In the village Naravari Palli the road infrastructure was not good or the RTC bus used to come only twice a day in the morning and evening.

In order to fix it some how he gathered some youths from his town as well as the youths of all the villages related to the road to fix it somehow and worked every Saturday and Sunday to make it without potholes and when it rains this incident brought Chandrababu a very good name. Since then every Saturday and Sunday he started studying the condition of the villages with the students and he organized all the students who were interested in serving like him as gurukula and sent them to cover all the villages. They consulted the bio data in a particular village and if there were problems in those villages they wrote plans to solve them with the youth of that village. Chandrababu Naidu who was thinking of serving in the villages got more fame and the students noticed his personality and elected him as the leader of the union but Chandrababu Naidu chose a SC boy as the leader of the union and he stepped aside and won with great difficulty. The leaders of the Congress party have noticed the CPM who is doing a lot of good work with the students and taking them forward in the right direction. But at that time chandrababu Naidu was only thinking that he should be a professor or doing a good job. If he is a professor he should limit himself to the university. Even if he is an IAS he should do what the politicians say. If he becomes a political leader he can serve many people the President contested this was the first step of his political career after CPM became the president of Congress he made a political career with MG Rangaraju Gopal.

At that time Jalamu Vengalarao was the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh state. The CM participated but that time Chandrababu Naidu got a chance to speak in front of the then CM so in that meeting Chandrababu Naidu took a pledge with the youth against dowry and many of the youth of the district came forward to join the Youth Sanghas so Chandrababu got the support of many Youth Sanghas in 1975 Chandrababu Naidu asked for a ticket to the Assembly to stand as an MLA on behalf of the Congress but since he was at least 25 years old to be an MLA Chandrababu Naidu came to him for 25 years so you have just completed 25 years so you have just completed 25 years in politics. The then CM said that they are not giving you this ticket because you have no experience, and in the subsequent elections, there is no suitable carrot for the newly formed Chandragiri constituency, but the Congress leadership of Indira Gandhi wanted to give 20 percent tickets to the youth in that election, so the MLA ticket of the newly formed Chandragiri constituency was given. When he stood as an MLA for the first time, the election results came on January 27 in 1978 and Chandrababu Naidu won with a majority of 2004 votes. On that day, Chandrababu Naidu broke records as the youngest MLA to enter the assembly at the age of 28. After that he defeated five MLAs around him in Chittoor district and if they supported him, he would join his students. He gathered their support saying that he will support you in the next election and with the help of Rajagopal

He immediately went to the then CM Marri Chenna Reddy and asked him to give him any ministerial post but Chenna Reddy did not want to give the ministerial post to CBN Petti Anjaiah was appointed as CM in 1952
but Anjaiah made the film with the advice of the elders of Delhi who liked Chandrababu performance and recognized Chandrababu efficiency and made him the Minister of Technical Education Animal Husbandry, Dairy Industry, Small Scale Irrigation and after he became the Minister of Cinematography, NTR son Jayakrishna used to meet Chandrababu from time to time regarding his movie theater. After that NTR thought that it would be good if he started a local party. Chandrababu immediately got to know him through Jayakrishna. One day he met NTR at Ramakrishna Studio and said sir you should definitely enter politics they said let us talk together that why after NTR agreed Anji convinced NTR to meet Ajay and Anjaya gave him an apartment.

After that as expected by Chandrababu the media was all over NTR political entry. At this time about Chandrababu marriage Chandrababu often met NTR. NTR liked Chandrababu intelligence and politics and wanted to marry his third daughter Bhuvaneshwar to Chandrababu. As an ambassador he spoke to Chandrababu about his son Jayakrishna but Chandrababu told Jayakrishna that he would like to marry Bhuvaneshwar who would take some time so Chandrababu senior NTR daughter married Chandrababu

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