November 29, 2023

Silurian hypothesis the first ancient advance civilization of Earth in detail

Scientists believe that a civilization called the Silurians once existed on our earth. It is impossible to say whether there was a developed human society millions of years ago before modern man. The first living cell appeared on the earth at the same point six billion years ago only two million and 50 million years ago. The ancestor evolved on this soil 20 million years ago. The closest ancestor of the modern human being is found from three million years ago. Still the industrial revolution started 37 years ago. In this modern knowledge we are living in a technological world where many facilities amenities and luxuries have been established. If you think about it you may not find the answer but in 2018 an astrophysicist from the Rocha University mentioned an idea the same Silurian High Hypothesis says that the Earth existed 40 million years ago but the modern civilization is this Silorian Hypothesis the origin of life the birth of life the evolution of modern human beings somewhere in the long history of modern human evolution we did not notice it. The reason why they suggest that there may be an undetectable time line is that scientists think that there is a possibility that the wider human history could have been in that period 350 million years ago the highest amount of carbon fossils on Earth fossil fuels that we use now are fossil fuels so their assumption is that there can be a modern civilization again. We do not think that there can be a modern human society before us.

We calculate that it was formed seven years ago. It is natural for us to think that the emergence of modern human civilization billions of years ago is impossible and unthinkable. Scientists say that they are also ignoring such an ancient civilization. They say that maybe we do not remember the fossil remains of that civilization but some of their modern inventions of that time, we still do not know their way of life completely. They used to detect eclipses in the huge pyramids built using 23 million stones each stone weighs up to two and a half tons. It is not known how they were taken to such a height but there are only guesses. Egyptian calculations works sculptures and pictures. It is here that our scientists have a new idea. While accepting the civilizations of Trikula teachers the modern human civilization may have settled on the earth a few million years ago and now it is stuck in the layers of the earth. After a few thousand years will there be traces of us that have become fossils Think somewhere underground there is a chance that traces of the technology we have developed will be found as remnants. Even if we do not find the fossil remains of those who preceded us, it must be there. Monster lizards on earth 25 million years ago 6.30 million years ago a huge asteroid hit the earth and destroyed life. But they lived on this earth for more than 150 million years. Generations of dinosaurs were born lived and defend. Since these were huge creatures billions of them must have been on this earth.

They must have been found or millions must have been found. Their fossil remains are 11,000. These are also all over the globe. When only a few remains of giant lizards were found, they were billions of years ago. The remains of modern human societies cannot be expected to be found with certainty but one reason seems reasonable. When the existing plates collide with other plates and form new landmasses, the remains of those civilizations go deeper and become more disintegrated. 100 to 200 feet per month can be found in layers of rocky soil that are now green and may once have been desert. What were once barren deserts are now green spaces. The oldest entry point on earth is eight million years old. This small reason education in Israel means that we are not getting the features of the civilization of that time. The ancient civilization of that time must have been covered. Living remains found inside the earth happens to one in a million creatures. They must have been with us for at least 8 lakh generations. They were so massive and lived with huge skeletons. What happened that only 32 became fossilized. Do you know what happened In those calculations if the current eight billion human race becomes extinct in 2023 how many human skeletons will there be After a few million years as fossils the then modern intelligent civilization will be able to find the fossils of our time. We have appeared on the earth 30 million years ago.

Even if there are indications that the traces of civilization of that time can be found after such a long time in such a large globe we may not be able to remember so we cannot come to a conclusion that there is no ancient modern society. If there are no direct traces, there may be indirect traces. Let us see what they are. If the presence of C12 can be found it will indicate the existence of modern civilization. Carbon dioxide released when burning fossil fuels is CO. If T12 is high then it is the result of advanced civilization. Man is also making them artificially. If the man of that day had made atomic energy with his technology in the ancient modern society then these two isotopes should also be found It can be said that there is a postmodern civilization. Thirdly plastic waste plastic material takes a long time to completely assimilate into the soil. Man made objects left in the materials If there were modern humans like us in the past if they had used the objects made as part of their technology for research purposes on the satellites of the various planets in the universe the devices should have been found but the scientists have seen them. Did you know that scientists have installed a gold plate on the Visor Space Pro that contains the details of our Earth, Solar Family, Galaxy, Human Civilizations, Mathematical Symbols This foundation of our humanity will be roaming in the distant space for a few million years. If any aliens discover our existence with the help of their advanced technology they will have a chance to contact the human race. We cannot say how many million years it may happen.

All the information in all the languages in all the fields are stored in a microfilm this lander can stay safe on moon for billions of years even if it gets damaged by any meteorite we do not have to worry more such landers are going to be left on other planets also all the details about us even after the entire human civilization is gone After us the modern civilization society will be able to learn. Until now life on earth has been wiped out 5 times. We know that dinosaurs have become extinct due to the impact of a huge planetary mass on the earth. That is why scientists always make predictions about what may have happened before. We look at the developments in space and what thoughts our ancestors also have. If they have left any evidence for us what form is it where is it when will it be found Because it is very important because we do not know every single thing that happened through civilizations and scientists are always experiencing it. A glory does not come if one says it because there are many types of living things that are now extinct. As technology increases science definitely increases because along with technology we are learning many new things and we are getting full understanding of everything. In this creation there are many kinds of elusive problems and exciting new things that we cannot know because the human birth is a miracle in this creation how was the human being born in the first place is a question that means whether there is a real God or not. There is no such thing as this universe is endless what we know in this universe is only sharing with others knowledge is accumulated from one to another so this knowledge process is very important.

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