November 29, 2023

Why TATA ZUDIO prices are so cheap and why tata bought big basket complete information

zudio is one of the fashion brands belonging to Tata Group it has become very popular and the reason is that we stop buying it because of disappointment. But same designs and you can buy fashion wear and footwear at Tata zudio at almost 40% to 50% lower price. Do you want cheap quality These are value for money products which means you get almost justice for every rupee you spend but here the point is Tata company in their judeo stores how low price k is the secret of how to start the products listen carefully you want to start a business but you have competition doing the same business in the market whether there are many people or they are afraid to leave. Even when starting a business the market is the same. There are many companies competing in the fashion industry but some genius business implemented by Tata Company. It has expanded to more than 400 stores but today I am going to tell you the basic business model followed by this company along with the reasons for zudio business to expand so fast. There are other stores like West Side Landmark and Star but here we have to focus on West Side End Junior because these two stores are doing almost the same business which is clothing and footwear. But the point here is that this best side which was started by Tata group in 1998 was able to open 200 stores across India in a journey of about 25 years but in 2016 judio which was started by the same tata group has put up about 400 stores in just five years.

But do you know the reason for this the business implemented by Tata company in zudio strategies Whatever you say strategy number one any thing under 999 in zudio stores whatever product you purchase the price is between 199 to 999 the following basic business model is best quality means for the money you spend do not become a studio high quality product bot and show me as a major in India 2 There are types of customers firstly rich customer they will buy any amount of money if they like the design secondly middle class and low class they will buy quality products only if they are in low price they like the designs but they are disappointed by their price times the point is that in India poor and middle class people are almost 80% There will be more So what Tata company has done and they have put 80% in the middle that is they have put the price of each protect from two hundred to 999 due to which many customers will come to their stores but you already have a doubt. Inspiring designs company uses the same strategy as how Tata company can achieve such low prices. They invest money and create new designs with fashion experts. Number 3 They also spend a lot of money on marketing to increase their sales but here Tata company has implemented a brilliant strategy. It is clear that in zudio you get the same quality as the money you pay. Next they spend more money on their designs so the advantage is that now if the studio reduces the money they spend on their designs then automatically the product manufacturing cost also comes down.

And they can offer ultimate customer care at a lower price. Note that if there is an increase in demand for any fashion wear or footwear product in the online stores it will be available in the stores for less than 999 within few days. Bikas students and youth want not top quality products but good designs and decent quality in low price range youth and students prefer zudio company sell products at low price means daily few lakh people shop in their stores so think how much volume to supply to these stores daily It means that now if a product is mass produced then its price will decrease. Mass production means that it will provide good products in larger quantity, so the same is happening with zudio. This company buys every item sold in their stores in larger quantity so their prices will decrease. So here is what you need to know from them. After buying that product in large quantity they sell it with their company logo on it. This is called private limiting which means that one company comes and manufactures it but another company puts it under their brand so the advantage of this is that it can be bought at a low price and can be offered to the customer at a low price in India. Do you know what is the fashion branch that is following the concept of private 100% zudio and its sister company Note that there is a certain area in Mumbai called Dharavi where people make small items and do business that is about 5300 crore rupees business is done in the area every year this sounds a bit surprising but it is true Not only that even in Hyderabad Koti Bazaar a business of several crores of rupees is done every day.

So why am I saying all this because rich people do not come to these areas and buy any kind of goods but do you know the reason for how much business is done here Volume means poor and middle class people mostly buy the things they want in what places. Exactly like this all the big fashion brands in India are also targeting the rich people in tier one cities and doing their business like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. 70% of the business is done in tier and tier cities but the customers in these areas who want big companies also buy from Maxim online stores. It means that zudio is trying to reach the poor as well as the middle class. If you want to understand this look at this data once. Hyderabad is the only tier one city in AP and Telangana. The final list company follows the same pattern as Demart when opening their stores in one location. They should pay more in the non commercial area instead of in the center. Do you understand that they have opened their stores close to the middle class so finally we all know how much impact a decent quality product can reasonably create In 1999 a person named KYC Swaram from Bangalore started India’s first online retail business with his five friends that is Fepma dot com but no one believed in internet business but online payments reason number 2 is because of dot com many companies doing business through internet are facing huge losses. They were sunk and sold to Aditya Birla company and then it changed for a few days but why are you telling me all this now In 1999 when it was founded there were friends. These five friends learned from their names. By 2010 and 2011.

The number of people using the internet has also increased with the increase in the use of smart phones and they are starting their online business even. Companies like Amazon and Flipkart were also started at this time In 1999 we started the first online business in India and due to the lack of internet usage among the people, they planned the same online business together in 2011. We all know the business of Big Basket. If we think of business it is our mistake because there are different business models in the market for Big Basket, this is the only private labeling if you want to understand, tell me an example. Doubt comes no matter what we order Bigg Boss can do it Inventory Model and Hyper Local Model follows two business models. Stored in and delivered as soon as orders are received Do you understand that this hyper local model will be implemented in places where warehouses cannot be set up in So City and where immediate delivery is required So Big Basket Company which started with a clear business model in 2011 has slowly expanded its business to more than 25 cities in India. It is not easy for a startup company like Big Basket to face big companies like Reliance. Button has stood as the number one company with 37% of discounts and offers to customers to meet its competitor companies. Fortunately in November 2020 hackers attacked the company’s data servers and killed more than two crore people. The company that got hacked and leaked data is not only Big Basket but also Zomato. So these five founders who set up a company and failed in 1999 also learned a lesson from their failures and re founded Big Basket. Today it has grown into a 25 thousand crore rupees company, especially a prestige like Tata. A place in the company is Really It’s a Great Journey

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