Hi guys this is rcf creations guruji santhosh Today I edited mass attitude 4k status video editing in alight motion let’s see how to edit this

Beat Mark & shake effect preset & xmls links available under this site first you import the projects and Kinemaster preset also I give you in this site first open beat mark project When you open it there is a song, Samantha photo and there is a group. For XML’s there is a group to visit and the photos will be deleted.any there is a link under this website. Please download it and add the photos in alight motion

Alight motion app use This video will be edit to do alight motion link will be under this website install it if you using alight motion open the alight motion see also kinemaster Preset link in under this site check it, and under this site font link i given download the font and import alight motion

Open the shake effect project starting lyrics is available first you copy the lyrics animation and paste to the beat mark project paste this effects starting lyrics and after go back open again shake effect project copy the image effect and open beat Mark project paste the effects all 7 photos and i tell you another process under this website i given template first you download Template and open alight motion click on plus icon and go to media and select the template video after rotate that video and click the three dots after click Fill Composition area and trim the extra part after select template video and click effects option add the Brightness & Contrast increase contrast +30% after click blending and opacity after enable screen video is completed after export the video thanq ❤️


► Kinemastar preset Link 

►Beat Mark Presets LINK :-

►Beat Mark XML file LINK :-

►Shake effect Preset LINK 

►Shake effect XML LINK 

► Video PNG photo LINK 2 

►only Music LINK :-


By Santhosh rcf

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