hi friends everyday i am talking about some lyrical project today also i am coming to you with a good editing process this editing process is what we call small video editing because whenever you play a video a smash will play then with lyrics and song but you since there is a project and this type of editing is preferred by many people so everyone should know the complete details of the editing process, because using this inshort application. We are editing so it is done with an intention how to edit. Every one of you should try once this application is very easy you can try what you need to add also very easy if you want to learn new editing process I would say this is a good application for you. Without any further delay I will explain the topic of this project completely so read this article carefully even till the end so that you will understand the whole things. If you first download the Inshot editing application after downloading it and if you open it. And you will see an option called Create New and you will see three types of options if the first one is video and click on it and enter the project.

After that process you can select the option blank and now choose the option right click and clnoe choose the blank image layer and you can drag it upto 30 seconds because you can edit the project only for that some time. After that extend you need to add the screen ratio to the project for that choose the option canvas and choose the ratio 4:5 and this ratio is useful for the Instagram reels project so choose the ratio and add to the project. After that keep the white line as starting and choose the pip option and you can add the photo which you like to process choose the image from the gallery and add to this project. And now extend the image layer upto 30 seconds because it will be useful to process the image in till the end for the lyrical project. After that you need to zoom the image and background black colour will not be observed and keep the photo upto 7 seconds and keep the white line in starting and add a key frame in starting and scroll to left side. And add keep the white line in photo end and add the another key frame after that you need to move them in right side the the photo will be move from left side to right side.

After the process keep the white line in first photo ending and choose the pip option and choose the second photo and you need to zoom the photo and extend the photo upto 7 seconds and choose the option rotate and keep the photo slide. And zoom the photo and in photo starting you need to add a key frame and at the same time you will be add another key frame in ending. And you can slidely move from left to right then automatically the photo will be more like a rotation. And now once observe that we will provide first photo as slide effects and second photo as rotate effect in this way you can add remaining photos to this project as per the 7 seconds and how many can add for you can add for only 30 seconds. You can added all the photos so you need to choose the songs to the project for that select one song from your gallery for the choose the option music and select the song which you process to editing with plus icon and ant song to the project and if there is any music you need to trim the song and keep the song for only 30 seconds remaining part will be delete. And there is an another option if you have any video then you can also add the video and extract the audio from the video then delete the video this is one of the option you have to edit this project by using this applicat

Also when you need to add text to your project and how you add text means you have to listen carefully to the song first. After listening to the song you remember the lyrics and you put it in the form of text. So you first click on the text option and create a text layer. Add it in the form of text after adding give font and color to that text because by providing the font, the text you edited will be very beautiful or you have to add second lyric of the song duplicating the same layer. And you need to remove the text in that layer and you can add the fresh secondary in that layer and duplicate the second layer and you can add the lyric of the song in this process you can continue for 30 seconds and same font and colour can be applied for all the lyrics because it will look stylish and decent. At the same time you if you had a colour to the project then choose the option shadow and enable the option then you can adjust the lyrics in a particular version. After that process click on the first lyric and choose the text and you can add the animation to the project for that you need to choose the animation and you will give the fade animation to the project.

And now choose the fade out option and also choose the option to process out animation and keep the fade out option in enable. In the same way you can add at the text to the project so the animation will be also added so you can apply the same as it for the remaining lyrics which you are added to the edit this project. After that you are given a particle video related to this project and this is a smash video and you click on the video option and add this video to this project. The effect of this project is useful is to create an article video to create a new process. Have you seen this editing process I think you all understand very well because in this we are doing editing process using smash effect and we can create lyrical video editing using different types of animations so its process is different so please pay attention to each and every point that I am saying in particular. Please pay attention to what effect I will tell you at which time and try to create your own whenever you like, then you will get an understanding of the editing process and I will meet you again with the next article and I will continue with another editing project thanks you.

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