November 29, 2023

In this elections in Telangana BJP and Congress capacity and strategy in detail

But these seven parties mentioned in the lesson so far are contesting again this time even though they did not win the MLA seats in the past. Firstly number four AIMIM stands for Majilis Party which is known to all Majilis Party regardless of the political situation of the state Hyderabad Old City wins seven assembly seats in every election Majilis Party wins seven seats in Hyderabad Old City area which has majority of Muslim voters Malakpet Nampally Caravan Charminar Chandrian Kotta Yakutpura Bahadurpura In these seven seats only the Majilis party is winning. This is not only since the formation of Telangana but also in the united state these seats are dominated by the Majlis party. Among the seven seats Charminar is also Chandrayana Gutta Karbon. These four seats are occupied by good Madilisi party MLAs from 1999. It can be understood how strong the Majlis party is in that region. However except in seven seats, the influence of Majlis Party is not seen there, so this party contests only in seats where there are more Muslim voters but this party is in favor of the TRS party which is in power since the advent of Telangana. They help each other in the elections and keep only suitable candidates in the contest this means that BRS Party will fully support the Majlis Party in the seven assembly constituencies of Old City where the Majlis Party is strong and will help the Malli Party to win and the party will help the Muslim minority across the state by leaving the votes as it is moreover the Majlis Party leader Owaisi has already supported the BRS Party.

In the past the Congress Party was the main party. Attempts were also made to remove the status of the opposition and make the Majlis party the main opposition So we can understand that TRS Majilis is a very friendly party and number three BJP is another important party in Telangana is Bharatiya Janata Party but BJP party started doing politics in united Andhra Pradesh in 1970 and has been contesting elections since 1972 but so far it has contested elections many times in alliance with other parties only 1994 and 2009 Only in these two assembly elections BJP contested alone, but even though it has been competing in elections for such a long time BJP has never shown much influence in the elections or in the people. In the state assembly elections held in 1999 12 BJP candidates won. Also BJP continues to contest in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh assembly elections but we are talking about Telangana only so in 2014 Telangana assembly elections it managed to win five seats with Telugu Desam Party and then in 2018 elections alone it contested 118 seats BJP won only one seat Rajasingh from Kose Mahal Constituency. During the 2018 elections, even the ruling BJP at the center could not make any impact in that election all the important leaders like Kishan Reddy Lakshman Gujjula Premender Reddy Raghunandan Rao lost a total of 108 seats BJP party did not even get the deposits. Contested and won four seats There are four MPs from Telangana but after losing deposits in Note 8 assembly seats it is a remarkable thing for the BJP party to win four MP seats in just six months.

In March 2020 Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay became the president of Telangana BJP but in 2020 Dubbaka MLA Solipeta Ramalingareddy died due to illness and had to be used in Dubbaka. In the November 2020 by election BJP candidate Raghunandan Rao won as an MLA by defeating the TRS party. With this victory the BJP party got a good reputation among the people. The strength of the BJP party also increased in the Assembly. It won 40 seats in the elections. After the terrible defeat in the assembly elections in 2018 the second biggest victory for the BJP party was in the GHMC elections. Even though the BJP field was less from 2021 the BJP started doing politics actively in Telangana due to the unity among the leaders of the Center. Kishan Reddy was given the post of Union Minister in July 2021 with the intention of not increasing BJP’s strength He resigned from the TRS and left the party after Etela Rajender who was serving as the Minister of Medical Health in the Telangana government was dismissed from the cabinet on corruption charges. However after joining the BJP even though there is a possibility of continuing as an MLA even if he contests and wins the by elections the BJP thought that it would once again defeat the BJP in the state politics in the same way as Dubbaka. What actually happened was that BJP won the by elections in Dubbaka and the BJP gained recognition among the people. Again if the BJP wins in Huzarabad too the ruling party felt that it would be difficult to stop the BJP in the state.

The ruling party made strong efforts to defeat Etala Rajender with him. No matter how hard the ruling party tried Etala Rajendra won the by elections as BJP had expected. By winning the by elections the people were able to value the opinion that BJP is still strong in the state politics after the 2018 assembly elections while there is only one BJP MLA in the assembly BJP is strong. BJP president Bandi Sanjay started a padayatra named Praja Sangha Yatra from Charminar Bhagyalakshmi Koti on October 28 in 2021. This padayatra got a good response from the people from the party. It planned to make another deal like that in 2022 Munugodu Constituency Congress MLA Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy resigned from the post of MLA of Congress Party and joined BJP. In November 2022 Munugodud was used but it was thought that BJP would win in that rupee election as before but as expected the victory of Munugodud ruling Beerus Party hindered the success of BJP in Telangana. And Bandi Sanjay as President Kishan Reddy as Union Minister Nizamabad MP Dharmapuri Aravindu, Etala Rajender who is popular in Telangana, Raghunandan Rao who fights for Hindus Rajasinghe and Muralidhar Rao, Vijayashanthi, Vivek Venkataswamy all of them together have become a big force for the collective BJP. Thus after the disastrous defeat of the 2018 assembly elections the BJP regained some recognition in the 2023 assembly elections but in July 2023, BJP president Bandi Sanjana was removed a few months before the elections

The center made Kishan Reddy the president of BJP in place of Bandi Sanjay but many people believe that he tried to gain recognition for the BJP by constantly being in public and criticizing the government. However there is also an opinion that the removal of Bandi Sanjana who worked hard for the party has left the BJP a bit behind in politics. Keeping the elections in mind the BJP is in power at the center since last year since last year the BJP has been trying to bring funds for projects from the center to the Telangana state. Earlier Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Telangana and sanctioned the Sammakka Sarakka Tribal University in Mulugu district and announced the yellow board which was the long standing desire of the people of Nizamabad district. Ramagundam Fertilizer Factory has already been commissioned. However despite being in power at the centre the TRS party has not helped the state as much as it was supposed to. As the BJP leadership has decided that the four winning leaders will contest as MLA some strong leaders like DK Aruna Nagam Janardhan Reddy have joined the BJP. On October 22 BJP made a first list of 52 candidates. The ticket was not finalized until the four existing MPs announced that they will contest in the assembly elections but the remaining three MP Bandi Sanjay Dharmapuri Arvind Soyam Bapurao announced these three MLA candidates but after the first list was announced, it was understood that there are disgruntled leaders in the BJP as well.Munugodu MLA Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy who previously resigned as an MLA from Congress and joined BJP was not given a ticket from Munugodu so it is clear that Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy is not willing to contest from BJP.

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