Friends you have earn money from youtube playing your favorite games. Guys if your most exiting on this topic this article help for you. First you have need to create youtube channel with your gmail, And enter your favorite name, Also add banner & logo. ok done your gaming channel was created.

How to create youtube channel

After creating youtube channel next how to run live in youtube. Basically Youtube rules 1000 subscribers on your channel you’re elagible for live option. But your channel was 0 subscribers so what can you do. So i have explain very detailed way.

How to live on youtube without subscribers

First you have install omlet arcade application from play store. Next open that application your youtube gmail to sing up and create account. Next click the live button below and select live. Next showing facebook live, Youtube live you have select youtube live and loging your youtube channel gmail, enable that. Next select your game and add that live stream title and also description.

Next select your favorite frames, And also on/off face came on your live. Select live stream quality like 720p or based on your internet signals to select better quality. because without lag problem on live. Also select water mark and more features available. And also mute/un mute sound. So many settings adjust pro level setup for live.

How to earn money from youtube

So upload day to day live on youtube after you reached 1000 subscribers & 4000 watch hours on your total channel only in 12 months. You’re elegible to monetization. Create a adsense account & Apply monetization after approval you enable the ads and earn money based on your video views. So day to day improve on your life & youtube channel, if you’re wasting your time so once try this.

By Santhosh rcf

Hi viewers iam santhosh welcome to our website this website providing Technology, News, Mobiles, Fashion, Online earning related articles And i have also Youtube channel name "Rcf creations Guruji"

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